The Corporate Standard Membership of the Institute for Professional Business Developers and Entrepreneurs (Nigeria) IPBDEN – the first Business Development and Entrepreneurship institute in Africa that is open to institutions, organizations, and firms within and outside Nigeria on three levels: Standard, Dynamic, and Giant. All the three levels of IPBDEN’s Corporate Membership enables your organization to obtain full membership status as a corporate entity, with membership benefits for a certain number of employees, with only a single annual payment.

Corporate Standard membership is open to Companies, Cooperative Societies, Business Entrepreneurs, Government Ministries, Agencies, Commissions, Corporations, Institutions, Bureaus, Non-Governmental Organizations, Business Administrators, Engineering firms, Law Firms, Banks, Business films and FinTech businesses.

Benefits of IPBDEN Corporate Standard Membership

  1. Establish your organization as a Leader in Business Management and Entrepreneurship responsibility
  2. Connect with potential partners and/or customers through IPBDEN’s Network, and its membership, participants at IPBDEN annual conferences, Business Moment- IPBDEN policy round-tables, and networking events.
  3. Grant your organization access to daily publication of Business Day to Day newspaper in e- format through a single dedicated channel.
  4. Stay current in the latest international news and business developments in Africa (and business Entrepreneurial investment plans) and receive the IPBDEN journals – the quarterly Business Development and Entrepreneurship yearly Journal in Nigerian and West Africa.
  5. Demonstrate your company’s commitment to business Entrepreneurial development and business dispute management and it’s resolution within and outside the workplace, and be recognized through IPBDEN members and partners.
  6. Learn how business development and Entrepreneurship as practiced around the globe can benefit you in the work you do and how you can contribute to improved global practices as an organization.
  7. Identify and Access outstanding training available on business development and Entrepreneurship (and business management) techniques at both the IPBDEN annual conference and through specialized in-house and online opportunities.

Under Corporate Standard Membership, we have provided for the following:

  1. Organizations
  2. Companies
  3. Business Owners
  4. Investors
  5. Industries

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