IPBDEN Internship and Apprenticeship Scheme


Both gives you first hands on training but we accept mostly graduates, and WAEC school leavers to undergo internship to enable them seek employment and establish their skills, careers, and professions while apprentice are mostly those who have love developing a handwork or those who were not privileged to go to school but have interest in undergoing training to guarantee you to gain a high paying job once you complete the training successfully.

IPBDEN internship and apprenticeship allows trainees and non trainees that applied to harness the management skills, knowledge, theoretical practice the interns, and apprentice learnt doing the training with IPBDEN or a personal knowledge.


  1. Practical skill
  2. Working experience
  3. Knowledge of establishment of business or career
  4. Gaining valuable work knowledge
  5. Explore a career part
  6. Give yourself an edge in a job market
  7. Developed and refined skill
  8. Receive financial stipend compensation
  9. Networking with professionals in the field
  10. Gaining confidence
  11. Transition into a job


  1. Anticipate some gerbil work. Like it or not, you will be the low person on the totem pole.
  2. Real responsibility
  3. Expect to be proactive
  4. Match your personality to it
  5. Gain insight
  6. Expect compensation
  7. Expect to make contacts
  8. Career clarity


The relevance of training experience via an internship is now just as important as exams results to your future business career and it is one of the key attributes sought by companies and employers.

IPBDEN internship provides you with a real life experience and exposure in any business or career of your choice.

An internship after undergoing IPBDEN training enables you to gain first hand exposure of working, marketing and managing a business in the real world.

IPBDEN internship program is an opportunity offered to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm, companies, business establishments, for a fixed period of time.


An apprenticeship is a person who works for another in other to learn a trade and business. IPBDEN explain that all our apprentice must be legally bound through indenture to a master, craft man, and manager in other to learn a trade and skill acquisition.

Apprenticeship can be seen as a kind of job training that involves the following and study a master of the trade on the job instead of in school such as carpenters, plumbing work, business trade, masons, chemist, doctors and professionals who often learn the trade through apprenticeship.

IPBDEN apprenticeship involve apprentice in a programme that trains them to become skilled in a particular trade, which combines hands on work with IPBDEN training to develop the apprentice.

IPBDEN expect all apprentices to utilize their learning and also apply their lessons through working.


  1. Earn while you learn from your master
  2. Receive recognized qualifications from IPBDEN
  3. Gain independence and respect
  4. Benefit from ongoing and personalized support
  5. Gain self confidence
  6. Gain real work experience
  7. Improve your employability
  8. Develop your skills
  9. Discover your earning potential