Requirements for Membership

The Institute for Professional Business Developers and Entrepreneurs (Nigeria) has three(3) main categories of membership, namely :

The subcategories include :


  1. Partner Member
  2. Fellow Member
  3. Professional Member
  4. Associate Member
  5. Expert Business Developer
  6. Expert Entrepreneur
  7. Proficiency Member
  8. Political Business Practitioner


  1. Qualified Member
  2. Associate Business Marketer
  3. Associate Business Trader
  4. Affiliate Member
  5. Young Business Developer
  6. Graduate/Student Member

PARTNER MEMBER: A Ph.D. in degree in management sciences, social sciences, with not less than 25 years working as a business administrator, business manager, business developer, business consultant, and entrepreneurial business owner or using business management strategies and entrepreneurship skills, methods and principle framework in their working space.

FELLOW MEMBER: Minimum of 10 years working experience with a postgraduate qualification in business administration, business development, and other art and social science-related discipline

PROFESSIONAL MEMBER: Minimum of 7 years working experience with a degree in any course related to business or must have a well-established business investment with a minimum of 5 years of existence with not less than 100 employees.

POLITICAL BUSINESS PRACTITIONER: Minimum of 3 years in political experience with a B.Sc. in political science qualification, or a political degree on related discipline or must have served or serving or occupying any leadership position, or political office or have interest in politics (political business)

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Minimum of a degree in business courses, art, or social sciences related courses or equivalent. In practice, a minimum of 1-year experience in a business role where the application of skills, knowledge, principle, and strategies of business management, development, and administration has made important contributions to your field of work as a business owner or manager.

PROFICIENCY MEMBER: Minimum of 1-year working experience with a degree (HND, B.Ed., or BSc) in business, art or social science-related courses or any courses done with business background knowledge

EXPERT BUSINESS DEVELOPER: Minimum of 5-year working experience with a masters degree in business administration, management, entrepreneurship, business development, economics, accountancy, and other related courses with knowledge of business plan; or in practice, with 10 years practical experience as a business owner.

EXPERT ENTREPRENEUR: Minimum of 5 years working experience with a masters degree in Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Business Development, Business Management, Accountancy, Economics, and Other Management disciplines, Entrepreneurship, Social Science related courses with a knowledgeable background in business development. In practice with 10 years of practical experience as a business entrepreneur with a degree in other related courses.

AFFILIATE MEMBER: Individuals who have an interest in business development and entrepreneurship or people who are currently undergoing degree level courses in business-related courses or any other field of learning but do not have yet meet the criteria for the categories above.

QUALIFIED MEMBER: Minimum of (OND, HND, BSC) in business administration and other related courses, with 3 years of working experience and must have a business plan.

YOUNG BUSINESS DEVELOPER: Minimum of WAEC qualification with 2 years working and practicing experience as a business owner or a start-up business entrepreneur and has a business plan;  must undergo a training course with IPBDEN.

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR: Minimum of 2 years working and practicing experience and is either skilled or talented in a particular craft or has a business plan, with WAEC qualification and must undergo a training course with IPBDEN.

GRADUATE/STUDENT MEMBER: Minimum of WAEC and institutional identification card, must have an interest in business and must undergo a training course with IPBDEN

ASSOCIATE BUSINESS TRADER: Minimum of practical experience with a business plan and must have established a business with a minimum of WAEC qualification and must undergo a training course with IPBDEN.

ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MARKETER: Minimum  of B.Sc in Marketing or any other related courses; Or has 1-year practical marketing experience as a salesman, marketer, or advertiser