Agribusiness Professional Training

Agribusiness Professional Training Programme – (APTP) is for all professionals irrespective of their field of discipline, who intend to practice agribusiness development and agric entrepreneurship as an Associate of the Institute. This program is a one or two-day training that offers guidelines on the emerging trends in farm entrepreneurial businesses and other modern agricultural management mechanisms. It uses a variety of teaching formats, emphasizes participant participation in the learning process, and provides opportunities for participants to understand the practice of agric business plans and other forms of agric entrepreneurship. At the end of the program, the participants are assessed through a written examination, assessments, assignments, and evolution on the lessons learnt in the classroom.

Effect of agric business management, agric business Agreement, and Grounds of Challenging in agric business and start-up agric business entrepreneurs.
Business Administrative checklist and Order of human resources and agric training development in an agric Business Recourse

The applicant in order to qualify must be in the entrepreneurial businesses, be referenced by at least one or two persons and successfully complete a two-day training programme organized by IPBDEN