Category of Membership

Institute for Professional Business Developers and Entrepreneurs (Nigeria) has three(3) main categories of membership, namely:

Excellent Membership

These are made up professionals members who are economically stable with socio-political experienced both academically, economically and practically knowledgeable in entrepreneurial business development, and are contributors to our business development and entrepreneurship journals, books,  and business magazine bulletins  and Resource persons both in training, advisory, and other capacity-building programme

Under Excellent Membership, we the following subcategories:

  1. Partner Member
  2. Fellowship Member
  3. Professional Member
  4. Associate Member
  5. Political Business Practitioner
  6. Real Estate Business Member
  7. Proficiency Member
  8. Expert Business Developer
  9. Expert Entrepreneur

Moderate Membership

This category of membership is made up of persons who are involved in any business plans or ideas, business investments, start-up businesses,  small-medium business, etc

Under Moderate Membership, we have:

  1. Qualified Member
  2. Associate Business Trader
  3. Associate Business Marketer
  4. Affiliate Member
  5. Young Entrepreneur
  6. Young Business Developer
  7. Graduate/Student Member

Cooperate Standard Membership

These are young and standard business organizations, that are interested to join our services, and empowerment programmes for start-up businesses as well as embarking on the expansion of their workers’ knowledge and skills through our professional business management training. This is also for companies/organizations who wish to enhance their business plans and ideas

This category is made specifically provided for

  1. Organizations
  2. Companies
  3. Business Owners
  4. Investors
  5. Industries


For the requirements for registering in any of the following categories, visit Requirement for Membership

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