Young Business Developers and Entrepreneurs

The Institute trains and equips young people under the age of 20 with some knowledge of business development and entrepreneurial knowledge. This opportunity is open to business development, management, entrepreneurship, arts, and social science students and young practitioners and developers from all other professional fields.

The Young IPBDEN Network seeks to:

  • To provide a platform for young professionals (aged 20 years and under) to exchange ideas and experience in local, international commercial businesses and other forms of business development and entrepreneurial mechanisms
  • To provide access for young professionals interested in business development and other forms of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and West Africa to network with their peers and develop a mentorship arrangement between young arbitrators and seasoned practitioners.
  • To promote the use of business plans and other forms of entrepreneurial business tools by young professionals as the first option for business management both nationally and within West Africa.

The applicant in order to qualify must show evidence of being within the age range; be either business development, management, administration, social science students, or a professional in a recognized industry or sector; be referenced by at least one person and successfully complete a two-day stage one training.

Please read up about IPBDEN SMBI as it is also meant for you entrepreneurs.