Proficiency Training Programme

The Institute’s Proficiency Training Programme – (PTP) is training that teaches the practicality, processes, and principles of business development and Entrepreneurship. This Programme is a one or two-day intensive training designed for professionals interested in acquiring technical business management skills. At the end of the PTP, participants will be expected to demonstrate an in-depth appreciation of the entrepreneurial business process and features as well as abilities required for effective business development and entrepreneurship practice.

On successful completion of this training, participants should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Understand the Business development and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
  • Understand the business transactions, business risk, and its importance in the process.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of terms, concepts, and core economic values.
  • Devise and apply effective business management strategies.

The applicant to qualify, must have professional experience in a recognized industry or sector, be referenced by at least two persons, and complete a four-day foundation training.

The Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to you at the successful completion of courses designed to prepare you for a new career or enhance your skillset. This empowers you to be more productive and marketable in today’s global market.

The institute for professional Business Developers and Entrepreneurs hosts several proficiency/competency courses that help increase your knowledge in diverse areas of study. These courses have been carefully designed to facilitate enhancements in your knowledge of a field or even introduce you to fields that you never would have gone into due to the reluctance of most individuals to learn something new as a result of perceived complexity.

As you progress in our online proficiency courses, you are presented with specially crafted MCQs (Multichoice Questions, Online material, and online exams), Quizzes and Assignments – to test your progress in understanding the course. At the end of a proficiency course, you would have passed all the tests in that course with full knowledge of what the course taught you.

IPBDEN awards you for this achievement by issuing you a Certificate of Proficiency. This shows how much effort you put in the course which is evident in the certificate issued to you.