SMBI Donors

SBMI Donors are persons who sponsor/support lucrative business ideas to develop/boom IPBDEN is supervising many small and medium scale businesses under their Small & Medium Scale Business Initiative Programme(SMBI).


Our terms and conditions of donors relating to Charity Business Development to empower the SBMI legal framework are set out below.

  1. Any payment, grants that will be made to support the SBMI should be paid directly to IPBDEN official account number and notify IPBDEN regardless of this means that if issues arose, that will be at the donor’s risk
  2. The donors should always bear in mind that donation made so far is a free donation and charity work to empower the start-up business entrepreneurs through IPBDEN which in return has a maximum impact in growing Nigeria Economy.
  3. Nigeria donor’s profile will be uploaded on the IPBDEN official website with those he/she empowered with the amounts through the institute website.
  4. Donors are allowed to contact the start-up business entrepreneurs to whom they donate freely through IPBDEN to confirm whether they have been established in their various business/skills.
  5. Donors to build a high level of co-operation with the IPBDEN so as to enable our transactions to create sustainable impacts on the start-up entrepreneurs

Before you get started please read the guidelines, terms, and conditions

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