Terms of Service

SMBI Entrepreneurs’ Terms of Service

As a member of Small & Medium Business Initiative under IPBDEN, you agree to:

  1. Register directly from the institute either online or offline.
  2. Make sure that the business plan you choose is what you can do perfectly and experienced on it.
  3. As a start-up business entrepreneur/owner, the institute will access your capability before establishing you with the donor’s fund.
  4. Sign and fill any documents/forms that will be issued to you by the institute for legal protection of the business.
  5. Provide your personal data with you passport photograph to the institute, this will enable us upload them on our webpage together with the donor’s profile and the business skills which the institute has established you with.
  6. Get a guarantor/referee who must be religious leader or public servant to sign on your behalf or shortee you.
  7. Give us a maximum co0operation and loyalty.
  8. Never use any information, supports from the institute in order to harass, abuse, harm or take for granted.
  9. Not to misuse the opportunity given to you to be empowered by the donors through the IPBDN rather than to grab the opportunity and become successful.
  10. Share your testimonies and create awareness on our page for others to be empowered as well.
  11. To refund and return back the loan given to you through our account so as to enable the institute to empower the startup entrepreneurs for sustainability of the SMBI.
  12. Make sure that every information about you is correct and realistic, regardless of this might lead to instant prohibition from the institute.