Teacherpreneurs are classroom experts who teach students regularly, but also have time, space, and reward to incubate and execute their own ideas — just like entrepreneurs!

As defined by the authors of TEACHING 2030 (http://www.teaching2030.org/),  a teacherpreneur is a teacher leader of proven accomplishment possessing a deep knowledge of how to teach, a clear understanding of what strategies must be in play to keep schools highly successful, and the skills and commitment necessary to spread their expertise to others — all while keeping at least one foot firmly in the classroom.

Entrepreneurs may have brilliant ideas that often require venture capital and years of planning, but teacherpreneurs’ innovation is grounded in their daily experience in schools and classrooms. While education entrepreneurs experiment with novel theories for student learning, teacherpreneurs serve as action researchers by hypothesizing, implementing, troubleshooting, and learning from their daily interactions in the classroom.

Prioritizing their responsibilities to students, teacherpreneurs are making a name for themselves by creatively packaging and delivering instruction. Some are ‘flipping’ their classrooms by allowing students to watch lessons online and using class time to complete work traditionally reserved for home. Others are using social media tools to develop a more modern take on classroom discussion, effective writing, and community action.


IPBDEN TeachreprenrushipDo you know someone in education who is motivated, mission-driven, passionate, smart, and can create something new? If the answer is yes, you know an teacherpreneur. Teacherpreneur are game-changing innovators who are bursting with education technology ideas and creativity. Effective classroom teachers make some of the best startup leaders or colleagues because their traits run parallel to entrepreneurs. If an educator finds something to believe in, that passion can yield great results, these make an entrepreneur.


  • They did not go into the field for money
    Like entrepreneurs, effective teachers went into their chosen field to solve problems and make a difference in the world. Every day, those who go into the classroom understand that teaching is not solely a career; it is a lifestyle that requires hours of work, flexibility, and endless amounts of dedication. Educators are driven by a deep-rooted passion for helping others succeed and bringing forward positive change. As entrepreneurs, they know that money may or may not follow, but choose to pursue the endeavor for the greater good.
  • Multitasking is in their DNA
    According to TeachThought (com), the average teacher makes over 1,500 educational decisions in one school day. They are fully engaged support systems for students, parents, and colleagues. Teachers manage everything in a classroom. These areas range from the physical environment to teaching students with different learning needs, levels, and language barriers. For many children, teachers are nurses, nurturers, cooks, and confidants. Like entrepreneurs, teachers can juggle multiple priorities, and they fully understand and accept that this is part of their job.
  • They know how to communicate
    Successful entrepreneurs can communicate with ease in different situations. Like entrepreneurs, effective teachers can explain complex ideas in ways everybody can comprehend. They understand their customers (students and parents) and know how to relate to them. You can listen to teachers speak at a third-grade level and then lead professional development workshops for 50 colleagues after school. Compelling teachers are master communicators who understand the importance of accurate communication.

What would our schools look like if we solicited the expertise of teachers and recognized classroom problems as opportunities for innovation? How might learning outcomes be transformed if teachers were equipped to investigate and design solutions?

With these in mind, the institute has come up with ideas on how teachers would harness these God-given skills for their economic and financial empowerment. This is the goal of this training, welcome to the IPBDEN teacherpreneurship training programme


JOIN the IPBDEN teacherpreneurship MasterClass to learn and get empowered through certifications to practice teacherpreneurship; earning from the school and from other sources that will be exposed during the training programme.  This programme is a continuous programme which you can take up on any given day at your own pace (Online)